Saturday, September 11, 2010

Embossing Plates

Lattice 2 Die
This should have the holes
between the lines cut out,
I didn't use the correct
number of shims so it only
pressed the design into
the paper.
This one is not
an X-Large die.

Inked the plate
before embossing it.

Both inked direct
to paper.  Bottom used
Versa Mark Wheat.
They are reverse
sides of the paper.

Both were colored by
sponging the ink on.
They are reverse sides
of the paper.

Fleur De Lis
Top: Ink direct
to paper after
Bottom: I used Wheat
Versa Mark.

I just got in some X-Large Embossing plates by Dies Direct that I purchased from All inks used are Shades Dye ink from unless otherwise noted. Thought I would show you the ones I have.

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